In the works

I’m currently writing a story for the latest Didcot Writers anthology. The theme is first contact, so the obvious choice for me is to try and write some science fiction. Already having a lot of fun writing it!

I took a small break from writing over the Christmas period as I awaited feedback from my writing assignments for uni. I didn’t get the results I wanted, but this has only inspired me to write more and to write better! The feedback was very useful and I will try use it to improve my writing.

I was also thinking of trying to enter some writing competitions to try and get my name out there a little bit.

Anyway, back to it!


Being back at University is great. Just being around other like minded people is already helping me with the creative process. I’m feeling more motivated than ever to actually write a book. I currently have two ideas on the go at the moment and will hopefully decide on which one to focus on after my tutorial meeting later this week.

My first idea is a satirical comedic detective story based around a detective who has implied mental illnesses. I never really thought I would be going down the comedic route but a lot of my writing in workshops has been going down that route recently and the feedback has been positive so far.

My second idea is one that I wanted to wait til I was good enough at writing to do it justice, but I’ve made a start on it anyway. It’s a post apocalyptic book based in a future where earth has flooded entirely, partly due to an impact of several large comets but mostly due to global warming. The story focuses on viewpoint of a cadet who is surviving on board the largest ship ever built: the flagship of the Royal Navy. I want to include hints towards the current climate between Britain and Europe as well as having an underlying message of the dangers of global warming.

I feel like I could go either way at the moment so I have sent extracts of both ideas to my lecturer in the hopes that he can help me come to a decision later this week.

Slow weekend

Not a whole lot has been happening to me lately so I’m just going to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

  • I attended an open day at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Went swimming.
  • Made some important phone calls.
  • Threw snowballs for my dog; Holly to catch in her mouth.
  • Played some games.
  • That’s about it.

Not much of an update I know but it’s all I’ve got at the moment, hopefully there will be more to tell you after next week.orca-image-1519760955777.jpg_1519760955994.jpg


No my face isn’t broken, that was my attempt at coming up with a snappy title to represent Facebook’s demise. It was the best I could come up with so it’s staying.

I have always used Facebook, I don’t even know how long for anymore but it is has been a constant part of the entirety of my adult life and the end of my childhood. And why the heck not? Instant connection to everyone I ever know! Incredible! I can take my phone out of my pocket and have a get an inside look at everyone’s lives and interact with them in a number of different ways. This used to be Facebook, now though I’m not so sure.

Take a look at your news feed, no go on, really take a long hard look at it, scroll all the way to the bottom. What do you see? I’ll tell you all I see, videos and videos of things I neither care nor want to see. Oh and ads, of so many ads. My news feed used to be full of daft little updates on peoples lives, whether that be photos from somebody’s recent holiday or updates on people’s toilet habits.pexels-photo-479358.jpeg I miss the old Facebook, I don’t care if it was just stray thoughts off the top of the head and I promise I won’t scoff every time I see somebody updating their relationship status. Just give me anything but what I currently see.

I have tried to remedy the curse of the constant videos and ads by blocking all the crap that clutters everything up. But oh Facebook is sneaky, for every crappy video I erased from my life, they replaced it with yet another crappy video from a crappy page I don’t care about!

And why is everything a video now? Because like YouTube, Facebook videos can be monetised by enabling even more ads to pop up halfway through the video. Business and corporations alike capitalise on this and we now have constant stream of unnecessary videos designed to draw in  viewers. Crap such as YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, or a selection of random emojis. And why do they all have to be in some weird aspect ratio with black borders along the top and bottom? It baffles me.

Although I rant, I still continue to open Facebook every day without fail, it’s a force of habit now. Could I do without it? Yes I probably could but to what end? To prove a point? Perhaps I am addicted to it, no matter how often I scorn Facebook, it always manages to call me back with it’s siren song… Maybe I am the one who is broken?26906549_10214355533223616_1243668618_o

Va Bene! Italia!

Holidays are nice particularly holidays to Italy. Having recently returned from an excursion to the boot peninsula I am glad to confirm that Italy is a good place to have a holiday.

A mere week was all the time I allotted myself for such a boot like country and yet my accomplice and I managed to cram in a bucket load of stuff.

Our journey began in Milan, it was also my Birthday (no coincidence). Often described as the industrial powerhouse of Italy, this city has many a quirk. A particular favourite of mine is the Duomo. Housed in a vast piazza, the Duomo is certainly the most iconic building in all of Milan and for good reason. Just look at it!23519368_10213776765314780_6733608363155799958_n.jpg It is gargantuan, colossal, intercontinental, ok that last description may have been a bit of an overstatement but I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from. The whole city seems to revolve around this vast monument: designer shops galore, scrumptious cafes and restaurants.  One of my favourite hobbies is people watching and the steps of the Duomo are ideal for this.

Unfortunately we had given ourselves just a day for this awesome city and after a whistle stop tour we were soon on our way to Florence…

First Post!

Hello hello hello, I’m bored so I’m starting a blog, that’s how these kinds of things work yeah? I’m going to be reviewing some MUSIC, I’m going to be reviewing some GAMES, I’m going to be reviewing some MOVIES and I’m going to be reviewing whatever comes up. Because I’m bored. And I can’t get a job because I’m going to america in a month or two, and I don’t know what to do… so I’m starting a blog, this blog here, BoredAngus.