rain empty droplets trace my skin clouds painted into existence articulate the greyness chattering pearls explode on impact sending shockwaves through my bedroom window the perfect moment when wetness becomes a finite quantity a sloppy puddle creates endless possibilities rain stars hide behind fluffy curtains a stolen kiss taken beneath compromised shelter rivers flow faster…


choke back
your tears and swallow down
the lump


Crisp packetsAndTinnies Plastic bottlesAndBags Gas canisters once filled with an instance of blissAndCigarette filters moistened with morning dew Shattered glass scattered across your next ten footstepsAndDisposable lighters filled with the last droplet of flame Scorch marks burned into an amphitheatre of camp chairsAndTent poles twisted into metal spines Maccies bagsAndCosta cups Condom wrappersAndNeedles The same…


I swim with my eyes open.Wide as the lightat the end of a cardboard tube.I like the way the water feelsagainst the back of my skull,acid-burning the still images. I make out shapes in the pool,pointillisticsilhouettes of other users,who stay in their lanes marked out bythose chemically bleached ropes.We reach for accidental contact.   I…