5:17 on a Friday

“And now for Sally with the traffic,”

“Thanks Johnny, and yes there is an awful lot of traffic building up on the A34, we’re getting reports of a fatal traffic collision involving a motorbike and lorry. Expect delays of up 2 hours as they’ve had to close one lane due to the debris. We’ll get back to you with more information on this when we can so stay tuned….


The black motorbike speeds up, indicates, changes lanes, speeds up again. Faster and faster the bike travels, 100 miles an hour, 105 miles an hour 110. Blue siren’s flash in the wing mirrors but the driver doesn’t slow down. Everything blurs. Road signs drag past, the driver catches a glance at the one sign that matters to him, Hospital: 2 miles.


Steve switched on his phone and the screen lit up, 30 missed calls, 5 voice messages, 15 texts and a Facebook message, all from Sarah. He put the phone away, he knew what was happening and where he needed to be, he just hoped that Sarah would forgive him. Steve started up his motorbike and drove off…


“We’re going to have to let you go Steve. You’re performance isn’t up to standard and we don’t have the budget to keep you on. I’m sorry Steve.”

“Please Mr Rodgers, I’ve just had to take out a second mortgage on the house and my wife…”

“I really am sorry Steve…”


“Can’t you call in sick?” Sarah asked one last time.

“You know I can’t Sarah, I’ve told you this, my very future at the company revolves around this meeting and Barry from HR reckons tells me they’re sizing me up for a managerial position!” Steve replied, trying to do up his tie while eating a hastily buttered slice of toast.

“She was due days ago Steve, I’m ready to pop at any second!”

“I’m just going to be gone for 5 hours, can’t you call up Karen to take you or something?” Steve zipped up his jacket and grabbed his suitcase before heading to the front door.

“She’s on holiday, don’t you remember anything? I have no family left, no friends, all I have is you Steve, please don’t walk out on me like this, I need you.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Steve said and closed the front door on his pregnant wife.”

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