An Unwanted Encounter in an Elevator

“Hold the door!”

Lily made no attempt to stop the doors from closing. The Man however, made it just in time and stuck his size 12 boot into the closing gap at the last possible second.

“Close one eh lass?”

The Man chuckled to himself as he straightened his fedora and tucked his shirt deep into his waistband. He glanced over to the illuminated button on the panel.

“Number 13 eh? Unlucky for some that?”

The Man laughed to himself again as Lily said nothing, instead she reached for phone and pretended to text somebody.

“Lucky for you though it’s the same floor as me, which apartment are you? Oh let me guess number 3 right?”

Lily nodded.

“That’d make us neighbours then wouldn’t it?”

Lily nodded again, her eyes fixed to her phone screen. The lift slowed and came to a halt on the 7th floor, a cleaner entered the lift pushing a trolley.

“Oh don’t worry love, plenty of room for the three of us.”

The Man re-positioned himself much closer to Lily, trapping her in the corner of the lift with his bulk. His gut pushed against her and pressed her raised arms against her chest. The stench of his body odour crept up into her nostrils. They stood in silence, Lily heard the man take a deep inhalation. The lift stopped on the 8th floor and the cleaner left. The Man held his position for a moment too long and stepped back.

“Lovely perfume that one, Clare de Lune if I’m not mistaken?”

Lily pressed a button and the lift stopped. She got off, 3 floors too early but not a moment too soon.

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