A Sonnet

I, Angus Broadbent have written a Sonnet!

Here it is:

A Sonnet

When I think about writing a Sonnet, fourteen lines spring to mind
with ten syllables per line and a pentameter. Not forgetting four lines in
three sets, with rhyming couplets in a Shakespearean manner.
A single rhyming couplet at the end.
This is not like most sonnets, there will be no rhymes
here, no structure at all and there are certainly
no hidden messages that I have woven between the words,
A hidden treasure-trove for only the most educated to enjoy.
But it is a sonnet,
And I don’t care what you call it,
You can analyse it as much as you want
But when it comes down to it:
It’s my poem,
And I can call it whatever I damn well please.

By Angus Broadbent


I don’t think I’ve ever written poetry before, let alone a sonnet. Don’t expect me to write much more of these. However, if the general consensus is positive then maybe I will write some more poetry.


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