Being back at University is great. Just being around other like minded people is already helping me with the creative process. I’m feeling more motivated than ever to actually write a book. I currently have two ideas on the go at the moment and will hopefully decide on which one to focus on after my tutorial meeting later this week.

My first idea is a satirical comedic detective story based around a detective who has implied mental illnesses. I never really thought I would be going down the comedic route but a lot of my writing in workshops has been going down that route recently and the feedback has been positive so far.

My second idea is one that I wanted to wait til I was good enough at writing to do it justice, but I’ve made a start on it anyway. It’s a post apocalyptic book based in a future where earth has flooded entirely, partly due to an impact of several large comets but mostly due to global warming. The story focuses on viewpoint of a cadet who is surviving on board the largest ship ever built: the flagship of the Royal Navy. I want to include hints towards the current climate between Britain and Europe as well as having an underlying message of the dangers of global warming.

I feel like I could go either way at the moment so I have sent extracts of both ideas to my lecturer in the hopes that he can help me come to a decision later this week.

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