Homework for this weeks lecture: The Demon Parrot

“At the end of the road, turn left.”

“You heard the Sat Nav, Dafydd,” The Parrot chirped menacingly in his ear. Dafydd felt claws digging deeper into his left shoulder.

“Not much further now Dafydd, keep your eyes on the road, no funny business.”

The tighter the talons dug into his shoulder, the tighter Dafydd tightened his grip on the wheel. His knuckles whitened.

The traffic began to slow down, and the dark red Volvo Dafydd had been following in his Lorry all the way from Cardiff came to a halt in front. The tell-tale pulse of blue police lights flickered into view at the end of the road.

“Don’t tell them a fucking thing Dafydd or I’ll peck your fucking eyes out.” Blood trickled down Dafydd’s chest as the dark talons pierced his skin. The Parrot’s eyes glared red.

What was he supposed to tell them anyway? That he’d bought a parrot from some Gypsies as a late birthday present for his wife? That the parrot turned out to be possessed by a demon who was now manipulating him into releasing him from his mortal imprisonment? Fat chance they would believe a word of that.

Dafydd zipped his jacket up to hide the blood stains just as the Police Officer knocked on the window.

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