World Of Warships

I’ve played a lot of games in my time, starting way back in the days of the game boy advance, but I think out of all of them, the game that I have sunk the most hours into has got to be World of Warships.

I don’t know what it is that constantly draws me back to this game time and time again but I suppose its mostly that the general play style of the game appeals to me. You have to plan ahead, think about tactics and work with your team. The progression system is engaging, treating you with new experiences each time you unlock a new ship as you make your way up the various branches in the tech tree. Visually the game is stunning and being able to inspect each of your ships up close and personal in the port screen is truly wonderful. The developers do a cracking job at pumping out new and interesting content with an update every few weeks or so. Looks like I’ve answered my own question.

World of Warships Screenshot 2018.02.09 -

Going forward there are a few things I would like to do relating to this game.
1. I would like to do more blog posts about the game including reviews of the ships in the game and any premium ships I get my hands on.
2. I would eventually like to start up a YouTube channel, featuring some reviews and game play of ships in the game.
3. Get better at the game. I would say I win nearly as many games as I lose at the moment, I’d like to up those numbers a bit.

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