Review: Night in the Woods

I’m a strong believer in Indie games, I feel like a lot of the time AAA games tend to gloss over the story aspect and focus on visual quality and create a deceptively cinematic feel. This blurs the lines between film and game which isn’t always a bad thing. However sometimes I need an emotional connection to a game and it’s characters, games that can make me feel genuine human emotions are what can really make a game feel special to me. Night in the Woods is one of those games.

In Night in the Woods, you play the role of Mae: a 20 year old who has dropped out of college and returned to her backwater hometown of Possum Springs after a 2 year absence. Oh and did I mention she’s a cat? DVhM99BU8AAjT48 Mae like so many of us hasn’t been keeping in contact from any of her old friends from her school days and soon discovers that although many things about her hometown have stayed the same, the people have changed.

The character development you experience throughout the game really touched me as we get to learn the deep dark secrets of not only the residents of  Possum Springs, but of the town itself. The characters you’ll be most familiar with are her three best friends: Gregg, an excitable but lovable fox who’s hobbies include knife fights, smashing cars and “crimes”. Bea, a goth alligator with an attitude that only a goth alligator could have. And Angus, a nerdy bear in a top hat who also happens to be in a relationship with Gregg.

When I first started this game, I didn’t really understand what kind of game it would be as first impressions make it out to be a platformer of sorts. And while there are some platforming elements, the main focus of the game is the story. There is so much depth to this game that on my play through I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this game has to offer, there are so many interesting and unique characters to meet and interact with.

This is a game that will be with me for a while, both emotionally and physically because I have no need to delete it from my Switch anytime soon. Night in the Woods is currently around £17 on the Nintendo eShop although was originally released on PC due a successful kickstarter campaign. Pick it up if it sounds like it appeals to you. 🙂DVhTtZQVMAERNAs

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