Apple Watch: My first review!


watchNow now, calm down, I know I said that I would be reviewing music, games and movies. Well I thought I’d try something different and tell you about my Apple Watch.

First of all lets talk about the name. I’m sure many of you have heard this rant before, but why on God’s green earth didn’t Apple name their watch product using the exact same trend they’ve been using for the past however many years, why not call it an iWatch? We’ve got the iMac, the iPhone, the iPod, the i… ok I’m running out of Is now, but you get the point! It doesn’t bother me that much, it’s just a change from the norm, and I don’t like change.

There are a whole range of different configurations of Apple Watch to chose from, I myself have gone for the stainless steel 42 mm watch face with a black sports band strap. This is the mid range model, the model below being made of aluminium, and the model above being made of gold, GOLD! I went for the cheapest strap because every other straps seems ridiculously overpriced for what they are, and I’m a cheapskate.

The Apple Watch is not an essential piece of technology, I don’t think in ten years time we’ll all have one or that it’ll become as essential as having a smart phone. It’s just nice to have. It’s main purpose in my life is the notification feature. What this feature does is whenever I get sent a text, Facebook message, email, any kind of notification I would get on my phone, It’ll pop up on my watch face with a little vibration and allow me to get the general gist of what it is. This is incredibly useful in my opinion for a number of reasons:
1. I don’t have to fiddle around getting my phone out of my pocket, unlocking it and finding what I’ve been sent only to find it is something unimportant and I wish I hadn’t bothered.
2. My phone battery is complete bollocks and every time I use it I am aware of it’s life force being sucked away and dying unspectacularly. (Granted using the watch requires bluetooth, but this isn’t a huge drain on battery life.)
3. It’s fun to do! I still don’t get bored of reading something off of my watch. (It’s a watch that tells me things!!!! :O jfsjFSM,Fljkfh) (The future is now!)
4. When I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to get my phone out, all I need to do is have a quick glance at my wrist.

The watch also has a set of apps which at the moment are rather lacking, and if I want to spend time on an app, I’ll do it on my phone. Although there are a few that I’ll use occasionally.

The battery life is better than I expected, mine will last two days on a full charge and will run out some time on the third. You charge the phone by attaching the back to a magnetic clasp and if put on the side while charging, the watch will become a sort of night time clock thing.

I’m going to finish up now before I waffle on any more, there’s quite a cool communication feature which lets you send drawings and heartbeats to other Apple Watch users, unfortunately none of my friends actually have Apple Watches so this feature is a bit lost on me. In general I am very happy with my Apple Watch and hope to be using it for many years to come. However I can see that the price tag may put a lot of people off as the watch ranges from £479 to over a thousand pounds. I lucked out and bought one for cheaper while over in America, so my advice would be to wait for the price to go down a bit if you are seriously considering getting one. If you do get one, let me know so I can send you my heartbeat. 😉

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